T-Bar Clamps 136 Series

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These clamps resist twisting and distortion under clamping pressures. Both the head and slide are guaranteed unbreakable. The slide is secured by a solid steel pin passing through one of the locating holes spaced along the steel bar. The steel mainscrew applies pressure quickly and smoothly through a fast acting, hard wearing rolled thread. Slides and heads are flat bottomed so that the clamp will stand without support.

Item # Description EAN
T13611 78″ 734442034568
T1365 42″ 734442034087
T1366 48″ 734442034209
T1367 54″ 734442034322
T1369 66″ 734442034445
TL1366 48″ Lengthening Bar 734442034681

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48″ Lengthening Bar, T-Bar Clamps 42″, T-Bar Clamps 48″, T-Bar Clamps 54″, T-Bar Clamps 66″, T-Bar Clamps 78″